Enhance Your Natural Beauty


In 2013, Cultural Cosmetics was born by Founder/CEO Patrisha Hedgemond (Trisha Laney) ! It is an all-natural; lead free, gluten free, paraben free and animal friendly luxurious cosmetic brand ! Cultural Cosmetics started off as only a lip line which include lipstick and lipgloss (as in the picture shown above) but has now expanded to not only a lip line but an eye line as well! The best part about Cultural Cosmetics is that the lip products are made with natural ingredients, such as, Vitamin E and Avocado Oil to keep your lips hydrated and moisturized. More importantly, all of the products are mineral based; therefore, ladies with sensitive skin have less chance of irritation or breakouts. Cultural Cosmetics is not only a MAGNIFICENT brand but a movement that advocates for EVERY girl being beautiful and with just a touch of color you can enhance your NATURAL beauty! Become apart of the Cultural family TODAY!